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WE adhere to operating on a strong business foundation, together with a conscious consideration of all stakeholders' interests, to deliver sustainable value to the WORLD.
Sustainability Report
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Our Focus

Sustainable Development Goals

PTTEP supports the Sustainability Development Goals of Thailand and the United Nations, focusing on SDGs 3, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 which are directly related to the Company’s strategies, business operations, and long-term targets.

EP Net Zero 2050
PTTEP takes part in solving global warming issues and therefore sets forth to achieve Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050 through our “EP Net Zero 2050” concept.
Carbon Capture and Storage
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is one of PTTEP's strategic pathways amidst the energy transition movement to become a low-carbon organization with sustainable growth and to achieve Net Zero emissions within 2050.

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EP Net Zero 2050
PTTEP takes part in managing greenhouse gas and solving global warming issues. The effort is in line with the global action on climate change and Thailand’s commitment to the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26). We set forth to reach Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050 with our EP Net Zero 2050 concept.
PTTEP Ocean Data Platform
PTTEP Ocean Data Platform offers Thailand’s offshore meteorological and oceanographic data derived from research and projects under the Ocean for Life strategy with collaboration from our partners. It aims to serve as a foundation to support the advancement of marine science studies and research in Thailand and promote the effective management of marine and coastal resources, in alignment with Thailand’s sustainable development goals.
"Exploring Smiles, Producing Happiness” the Series
Explore how PTTEP put our knowledge and technology into use for the greater good of the communities, society, and the environment we live in. Find out about our staff volunteers and their hands-on social and environmental missions through a 5-episode series - “Exploring Smiles, Producing Happiness”

Performance Highlight

Information as of December 31, 2023

Historically highest production volume
barrels of oil equivalent per day
MM USD CAPEX budget allocated to energy transition businesses​
GRC maturity level
(Managed – Transform Level)
Better than the latest average performance of IOGP
MM tonnes CO2 eq. of accumulated GHG emissions reduction
(Compared to GHG emissions intensity from base year 2020)
Forest Conservation​ and Restoration
Rai of land
hazardous waste to landfill for operations in Thailand
Net Positive Impact on ocean Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) value
for offshore operations
increase from base year 2019
increase in income of focused communities participating in PTTEP projects from before project implementation

Award and Recognition

Our commitment to operating with responsibility and resilience in response to the energy transition while creating shared values to all stakeholders has earned us prestigious awards and global recognition.

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